Hardcore attitude, not hardcore hours.

What is Grueslayers?

It was formed by a small group of friends and kept alive in the spirit that friendship matters.

Grueslayers is made out of mostly Swedish people with additions from all over Europe. We spend a few days a week killing the biggest bosses we can find whilst sharing a laugh or two.

We've been together since the dawn of The Burning Crusade but have also ventured into games like Guild Wars 2, Star Wars, Wildstar, and a few other odd games. Now when WoW is finally back on track we decided to come back and give it a fresh start.

A moment from one of our Pirate/Ninja raid in Karazhan.

Grueslayer's end mission

It's pretty much straight forward. We're going to be focusing on taking on the hardest challengers Warlords of Dreanor can offer, and we'll do it in our own time and style.

We also share a simple philosophy - having fun makes it all count.

How do we get there?

We're going to be focusing on getting Highmaul on farm while gearing people for Highmaul Heroic. While we have no exact date for the next raid tier we'll try to kill off as many as possible on Mythic difficulty as well.

Our raiding days(Server time)