Covenants are a new take on factions in Shadowlands. In Shadowlands, there are four powers governing each of the areas of death in Shadowlands. From The Arbiter's judgement, souls are sent to each Covenant to help them find a purpose in the afterlife.

Covenants share four major features.

Adventures: Put your tactical skills to the test by sending your allies into the Shadowlands and lending aid to your chosen Covenant by tackling the unique challenges facing them. You’ll need to be strategic about how you take on these combat puzzles, who you’ll send to face them, and how you’ll utilize their skills to claim victory.

Transport Network: Players will be able to access a zone-specific travel network within their Sanctum. These travel networks are specific to each Covenant.

Anima Conductor: Players will be able to enable additional content within the zone by investing Anima into activating a specific area.

Soulbinds: Within your Sanctum, you’ll meet three key members from your Covenant. You’ll be able to choose one of these to Soulbind with. Soulbinding allows you to gain access to traits that enhance your skills so that you can effectively combat all who stand in your way.

Anima Power

Anima is a resource native to Shadowlands - It fuels all of the realms of Shadowland, helping the covenants keep their purpose. Anima will be obtained from many sources in the Shadowlands and used on a new system called Soulbinding, where you will become soulbound to a NPC of your chosen covenant, and gain access to many new talents while soulbound with this NPC.

Although this does sound like Artifact Power from past expansions, Anima will not be infinitely grindable, with a set limit on how much Anima you can obtain every day.

General Ability


The Kyrian Covenant of Bastion governs over souls that served a life of service, offering them a chance to look over their past deeds and seek ascension to become a Kyrian themselves

The Kyrian of Bastion has the Path of Ascension, which involves inhabiting the consciousness of a Soulbind, then helping them confront their own challenges.

Summon Steward

Call your steward to bring you a Phial of Serenity that can be consumed to restore some of your health and remove all Curse, Disease, Poison, and Bleed Effects.

Your Steward additionally offers access to a selection of useful amenities, each once per day.

Instant Cast, 5 min cooldown. Lasts 3 min.


The Necrolords of Maldraxxus governs over battle-hardened souls and rewards strength, while weaker souls become fuel for Maldraxxus’ cosmic weapons. Those who are deem determined quickly rise to positions of power.

The Necrolords of Maldraxxus get the Abomination Factory, where players can build their own Abominations.


Form a shield of flesh and bone over 4 seconds that absorbs damage equal to 20% of your maximum health for 2 minutes.

Channeling near a corpse claims their essence to grow the shield, up to 50% of your maximum health. This is the most effective against powerful enemies.

10 yd range, Channeled (4 sec cast), 2 min cooldown

Night Fae

The Night Fae of Ardenweald accepts those with a deep connection to nature, using of the Anima in the Shadowlands to infuse slumbering spirits with the knowledge of old and preparing them for rebirth.

The Night Fae of Ardenweald are put in charge of a Soul Garden, which has been compared directly to the farm from Mists of Pandaria.


Turn into a Vulpin, increasing movement speed by 30%. You may reactivate Soulshape to teleport 10 yds forward.

Lasts 12 sec, or indefinitely while in a rest area.

Instant cast, 1.5 min cooldown.


The Venthyr of Revendreth take over souls that were flawed or prideful in life, but can still obtain redemption. The Venthyr punish those who lived a life of sin, determining if they are worthy of redemption in the Shadowlands.

The Venthyr of Revendreth will have the Ember Court, which involves throwing themed parties for distinguished guests.

Door of Shadow

Wend through the shadows, appearing at the targeted location.

35 yd range, 1.5 sec cast, 1 min cooldown


Soulbinds is a Shadowlands expansion system that allows further customization of a character once they have reached max level, level 60, and selected a Covenant. As a player, you choose one of three available NPCs within your Covenant. Once you Soulbind with that NPC you have access to a user interface that allows you to pick traits to further customize your character. Each Soulbind has a unique set of traits that are available to whoever Soulbinds with them. The Soulbind interface also allows for the addition of Conduits, class or spec specific traits, that can be socketed to further customize your Souldbind build.

How Do You Unlock Soulbinds?

Two of your three potential Soulbinds will be available to you as soon as you have joined your selected Covenant. You can pick one immediately. When you do you will get access to the Soulbinds UI for that Soulbind, and will be able to pick the path that you want to take. You will also be able to socket any Conduits that you have into appropriate Conduit slots.

To unlock your third Soulbind you will need to complete the Covenant Campaign for your Covenant.

How do you change Soulbind Traits?

Soulbinds can be respecced, currently for a low cost, at the Forge of Bonds in your Covenant Sanctum. Along with the many branching options and three Soulbinds per Covenant, this creates a large number of permutations, making it fairly easy to dedicate one Soulbind or Soulbind Path to each spec or "build" desired.

How Do You Swap soulbinds?

Soulbinds within a Covenant can be swapped at will in rested areas or with a Tome of the Clear Mind or Codex of the Clear Mind, allowing you to use them in different types of content as desired.



Combat Meditation

Activating your Kyrian class ability increases your Mastery by 5% for 20 sec and occasionally expels Sorrowful Memories.

Walking through Sorrowful Memories extends this effect by 3 sec.


Valiant Strikes

You and your nearby allies’ critical strikes grant you stacks of Valiant Strikes, up to 40. At 40 stacks, you heal yourself for $2*2}% of your maximum health and up to 4 nearby allies for half this effect over 10 sec.

Forgelite Prime Mikanikos

Bron's Call to Action

After using 120 damaging or healing spells and abilities, your next spell or ability summons Bron, knocking back enemies on arrival and who attacking and healing your targets for 30 sec.


Plague Deviser Marileth

Ultimate Form

While channeling Fleshcraft, you are immune to crowd control. Finishing the full channel grants you another 4 sec of crowd control immunity

Emeni, the Slaughter Daughter

Runscribed Bone

Each enemy you defeat grants you one stack of Runescribed Bone, reducing magic damage taken by 1% for 30 sec.

At 5 stacks, your soulbind traits are empowered for 30 sec.

  • Emeni's Magnificent Skin: Releasing stacks deals (34.5% of Spell power + 34.5% of Attack power) Shadow damage to nearby enemies, increased by 1% per stack.
  • Cartilaginous Legs: Shield amount doubled.
  • Hearth Kidneystone: Cooldown reduction doubled.
  • Gristled Toes: Movement speed now increased by 3%, up to 25%.
  • Gnashing Chompers: Haste increase doubled.
  • Sulfuric Emission: Fear duration increased by 2 sec.

Bonesmith Heirmir

Forgeborne Reveries

Upon death, your armor continues to fight, allowing you to fight for an additional 10 sec. During this time, your damage and healing done is reduced by 50% and you cannot receive healing.

Night Fae


Grove Invigoration

When you use your Night Fae class ability or spell, gain 10% Mastery, slowly fading over 5 min.



When you would take damage that would kill you, instead rejuvenate within a wildseed, regaining 30% of HP over 10 sec. If the wildseed takes more than 10,000 damage during this time, you die.

This effect may only occur once every 30 min.


Final Moments

Your healing and damage to targets below 35% health is increased by 3%.

When an ally dies, this benefit is increased by 500% for 30 sec. This enhancement may only occur once every 5 min.


Nadjia the Mistblade

Thrill Seeker

While in combat, you gain a stack of Thrill Seeker every 2 sec, or 4 stacks on killing an enemy. At 40 stacks Thrill Seeker is consumed to grant you Euphoria, speeding up everything you do by 20% for 10 sec. Thrill Seeker decays rapidly while you are not in combat.

Theotar the Mad Duke

Wasteland Propriety

Activating your Venthyr class ability signals the start of tea time, granting 10% Versatility to you and 4% Versatility to up to 4 nearby allies. Lasts 10 sec.

General Draven

Service in Stone

Damage taken below 40% health is reduced by 10%. Upon death you leave a stone husk behind which shatters after 3 sec, inflicting 100% of your maximum health in damage to nearby enemies, and infusing a nearby ally with anima granting them a significant amount of mana or resource.


Conduits are a system which allows an additional level of customization to your Souldbind with bonuses that are specific to your class and or spec. They are categorized into three types: Potency (Throughput), Endurance (Survival), and Finesse (Utility). Conduits have ranks which allow you to upgrade the power of your Conduits.

A Conduit can only be be used once per Souldbind at a time, ie. if you are using a particular Conduit in a Soulbind socket, you can't reuse that Conduit in a different socket for that same Soulbind. You can, however, use that Conduit in a different Soulbind.

Replacing Conduits

Conduits can only be reset and reselected at the Forge of Bonds in your Covenant Sanctum once a week. This is mitigated by the ability to change Soulbinds and respec them at will, so you can use a Soulbind's left hand path for one spec and right hand path for another, or have one Soulbind for each spec if you so desire.

Once you have collected a Conduit, it remains in your collection and is not destroyed when replaced in your Soulbind.

Where to Get Conduits

Conduits can be acquired as rewards from playing max level content: Dungeons, PvP, Raids, Reputations, World Quests, etc. Most Conduits will be available from more than one source, allowing flexibility of acquisition across content types. Conduits are a persistent collections system, similar to Essences in Battle for Azeroth. When you acquire a Conduit, you add it to your Conduit collection in your Sanctum. When you acquire a higher ranking version of a Conduit that you have already collected, adding it to your collection upgrades your current version, making it more powerful.


Improve the power of your spells and are spec or Covenant specific. There are four for each DPS and Heals spec, two for Tank specs, and four Covenant specific Conduits.


Mortal Combo

Mortal Strike has a 15% chance to hit an additional time.

Pain Transformation

Pain Suppression also heals your target for 10% of their maximum health.


Provide your class with additional defensive value through damage mitigation or increased healing. There are three Endurance Conduits available to all specs and another two available only to Tanks.


Reinforced Shell

Anti-Magic Zone's radius is increased by 10% and the duration is increased by 1.0 sec.

Golden Path

Consecration heals you for 50% of Consecration's damage every sec while standing within it.


Conduits provide additional utility to your class. Each class has four Finesse Conduits which are usable by all specs.


Grounding Surge

Successfully interrupting an enemy with Counterspell reduces its cooldown by 1.0 sec.

Crippling Hex

Enemies affected by your Hex deal 8% reduced damage for 8 sec after Hex is removed.


Torghast, Tower of the Damned is a tower located at the heart of The Maw, and is the place where the Jailer hoards his most precious souls.

This new type of dungeon offers instanced dynamic content. You will encounter new challenges every time you visit it, with changing floor designs and enemy mob types. Every time you enter Torghast, you will have a new experience. Torghast has many levels and the challenges within will grow stronger as you progress in the tower. To help overcome these challenges, you can gather resources within to increase your power temporarily.

Players looking to improve their characters will be spending a great deal of time here, as Torghast is slated to be the primary way for players to obtain Soul Ash, a resource used to create customizable Legendary Armor. Torghast is also where you will visit the Runecarver, the being responsible for creating powerful weaponry such as Frostmourne or the Helm of Domination. After mostly freeing the Runecarver, you can interact with it to create your own Legendary gear.

Torghast is designed to be either solo or group content. It can be entered in group sizes of 1 to 5 Players and the health of enemies will scale accordingly.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned Layout

Torghast is divided into six wings and the Twisting Corridors.

Wings, Layers, and Floors

Only two of the six wings will be active at a time. These rotate every week. Each Wing offers different environments, enemies, and bosses.

Each Wing is divided into eight Layers. Each Layer is divided into six Floors. Layer 1 contains Floors 1 through 6, Layer 2 contains Floors 7 through 12 and so on. Completing a Layer will end your run in that Wing and reward you with Soul Ash, a currency that you will need in order to create your Legendary gear.

Once you complete a Layer, it is unlocked and you can talk to the Wayfinder at the start of a new run to teleport directly to that Layer. The higher the Layer and Floor Number, the harder the enemies get.

Twisting Corridors

You can find environments from all of the other wings in the Twisting Corridors, but you will not earn Soul Ash. The Twisting Corridors offer cosmetic rewards only.