Anima Powers

Anima Powers, a major mechanic within Torghast, are temporary skills which will affect how players interact with Torghast. When you find an Anima Orb, interacting with it will allow you to pick an Anima Power which you will keep for your entire Torghast run. There are Class specific, Covenant specific, and General, non-specific Anima Powers.

Anima Orbs are your main source of power in Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Anima Orbs will spawn randomly on each floor and interacting with them will allow you to choose between a selection of powerful traits, most of which will last for the entire run in Torghast.

You can stack many Anima Powers that are stackable (like stat increases, damage increases, Phantasma generation, among others), and non-selected Anima Powers can show up again in future Anima Orbs, so don't be afraid of stacking any powers you might like!

Anima Powers by class

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