Torghast, Tower of the Damned is a tower located at the heart of The Maw, and is the place where the Jailer hoards his most precious souls.

This new type of dungeon offers instanced dynamic content. You will encounter new challenges every time you visit it, with changing floor designs and enemy mob types. Every time you enter Torghast, you will have a new experience. Torghast has many levels and the challenges within will grow stronger as you progress in the tower. To help overcome these challenges, you can gather resources within to increase your power temporarily.

Players looking to improve their characters will be spending a great deal of time here, as Torghast is slated to be the primary way for players to obtain Soul Ash, a resource used to create customizable Legendary Armor. Torghast is also where you will visit the Runecarver, the being responsible for creating powerful weaponry such as Frostmourne or the Helm of Domination. After mostly freeing the Runecarver, you can interact with it to create your own Legendary gear.

Torghast is designed to be either solo or group content. It can be entered in group sizes of 1 to 5 Players and the health of enemies will scale accordingly.

Tower of the Dammed

Torghast is divided into ten areas: six Wings, three Twisting Corridors, and the Runecarver’s Chamber.

Torghast's Wings are Skoldus Hall, Fracture Chambers, Soulforges, Coldheart Interstitia, Mort'regar, and The Upper Reaches. Only two of the six Wings will be active at a time; these rotate every week.

Each Wing offers different environments, enemies, and bosses and is divided into eight Layers. Each Layer is divided into six Floors. Completing a Layer will end your run in that Wing and reward you with Soul Ash, a currency that you will need in order to create your Legendary gear.

The Twisting Corridors

The Twisting Corridors will generate three Layers, randomly chosen from the six Wings and stitch them together for an 18 floor run. The Twisting Corridors are the "Challenge Mode" of Torghast and offer cosmetic rewards for clearing certain thresholds. You will not earn Soul Ash in the Twisting Corridors.

The Runecarver’s Chamber

Torghast is also home to the Forge of Souls and an imprisoned Runecarver. It is here that you will bring your materials and offerings and ask the Runecarver to allow you to create a piece of Legendary Gear. You will unlock the Runecarver's Chamber during the Torghast introductory questline. The Chamber is easy to find, just turn right when you port into Torghast.

Soul Ash

Perhaps the most important reward from Torghast is Soul Ash, which is required for crafting Legendary gear. Soul Ash is awarded upon completion of a Layer in one of the 6 Wings of Torghast once per week per Wing. Each week, 2 wings are available. Note that running the Twisting Corridors does not earn Soul Ash.

Soul Ash is awarded at the following rate:

Layer Reward Total
1 120 120
2 100 220
3 85 305
4 70 375
5 60 435
6 50 485
7 45 530
8 40 570

Each Torghast wing will award you a maximum of 570 Soul Ash per week. Completing both Torghast wings will award you with a maximum of 1,140 Soul Ash per week. Completing higher floors will automatically award you with any Soul Ash from lower Layers, so you can skip lower floors with impunity.

  • If during the first week, you complete Layers 1, 2, and 3, unlocking them as you go, you'd earn 120, 100, and 85 Soul Ash for a total of 305.
  • During the second week, you would be able to skip directly to Layer 3 (as you've already unlocked it) and completing Layer 3 will automatically award 305.

Anima Orbs

Anima Orbs are your main source of power in Torghast. Anima Orbs will spawn randomly on all floors; interact with them to select an Anima Power from a small menu of powerful traits that will last for the entire run in Torghast. You are able to find Anima Orbs by doing the following:

  • Anima Orbs can simply spawn on the Floor but are generally protected by Elite Mobs. The ones that spawn in Break Rooms won't be protected.
  • Empowered Mobs with increased damage and health will spawn at the end of most floors. Killing them always spawns an Anima Orb.
  • Similarly, Rare Mobs will always spawn an Anima Orb once killed. Occasionally, enemies and phylacteries in Torghast hold Anima Orbs and drop them once killed or destroyed.
  • Completing side objectives, such as opening special chests or helping covenant prisoners, will spawn an Anima Orb.
  • Anima Orbs can be spawned from Plundered Anima Cell, which can be purchased from broker NPCs in Break Rooms.

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