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Hey all, Grueslayers started as a group of friends. And we would like to think that is still is just that, a group of friends.   That is why we do not think it is fair of us to keep Read More

9/10 in BRF and….2015/03/30

Hey guys, It’s going a little slow atm, People are away because of work and missing a few people. We’re trying to get back to where we used to be and hopefully it will go fast. Meanwhile, Please bear with Read More

8/10 – BRF – The Iron is hot2015/03/12

Today the ladies died, thank you for being so understanding. Now we focus our attention to the not so funky fight of The Blast Furnace – where people go to take a shower. Hopefully this will not be a challenge Read More

Sunday Funday!2015/02/17

This sunday we decided to have a sunday funday, Doing Normal Highmaul with new recruits and a couple of alts! As stated earlier we have a couple of new recruits that we enjoy having in the guild, and as always Read More

2/10 in BRF our first day!2015/02/05

Great job guys, Got Gruul down on 3 tries and Oregorger pretty quick as well! Looking forward to progress in there as the raid looks like a lot of fun! We’re still working on recruiting, what we need the absolute Read More

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